Wire Totes, & Carryer Baskets

The unmatched, sturdy, stackable stock Totes, Bins and Baskets are without equal for your bulk parts handling requirements.

stock-tote-binsStrong and Durable Material Handling Containers

Mid-West Wire pioneered several key design characteristics to further enhance the integration of the Mid-West Wire Stock Tote Bins into your materials handling system. As an example, the integral handle runner permits secure stacking, in tiers, because of the unique locking feature. Additionally, the J-Edge perimeter cap protects personnel, and your products, from damage that could result from the exposed edge of the Flattened Expanded Metal (F.E.M.) liner.

stackable-basketsWhether you move one Stock Tote Bin or an entire stack, you’ll find they are easily transported by hand, lift truck, on shipping pallets, or by monorail or roller conveyor.

The Stock Tote Bin models detailed below are “standards” and, as such, are maintained in the Mid-West Wire’s inventory ready for immediate shipment to your location. These standard Stock Tote Bins are available with 1/4” or 1/2” F.E.M. liners…available in Stainless Steel, Zinc Plated or Unfinished.

Download the Storage Bins Product Sheet for more information.

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